Mac - Mineralize Skinfinish Natural | A New 'Holy Grail' item?

Mac | Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in 'Medium' | £21.00

Why, oh why, did I never make a purchase on Mac's MSF before now?! I know a lot of you will be gasping in horror at the information I've just divulged - but it's always been a product I have overlooked. I'm not a 'powdery' person - yes, I'm aware that sounds a little silly but I've always been wary of the feeling of powder on my face, and the fact that powders I've tried in the past have zapped any form of dewyness away from my face and made me look absolutely awful. I've only been using this for a couple of weeks, so I won't jump in and scream 'holy grail' just yet - but I'm almost certain this is going to become one of my firm favourites.

Before using this, I've always felt the need to top up my makeup now and again, but this literally keeps everything in place all day, and even manages to help maintain that 'freshly applied' look for longer. I actually look forward to applying this in the morning - I pop on my primer and base as usual, and dust/buff this into the skin using the Real Techniques Powder Brush (seen in my previous post here). Unlike other powders I've tried in the past, this doesn't instantly dull my face or make me look 'chalky' whatsoever - it doesn't darken the foundation and it doesn't completely mattify the skin. It leaves just the right amount of 'dewyness' and provides you with an even, fresh looking base that makes your skin appear flawless. It has slightly more coverage than other powders too - it adds the perfect finishing touch to any parts of my skin that appear uneven in tone. 

I'm sure you'll see this product popping up in future posts of mine - so far I'm completely in love and am getting on like a house on fire with it! Yes, it's pricey, and I guess this is why it has put me off in the past - but it works a treat and I feel completely and utterly stupid that I've never bought it before. I can honestly say I've never been more instantly impressed with a powder - it's something I used to dread applying - but now I feel like I've met my match and fingers crossed my opinion will remain the same! I shall let you know either way..

What are your thoughts on Mac's MSFs?

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