What I Got For Christmas 2013

Is it me, or does Christmas seem like it was ages ago now?!  I've had such a lovely break the past couple of weeks - my blogging schedule has been somewhat all over the place but I'm finally back into the swing of things and kicking off with a typical 'What I got for Christmas' post. Oh yes - the good stuff. I love having a nosey at what the jolly old bearded chap left for everyone else under their Christmas trees, so I thought I'd write one myself for those of you who are equally nosey.  I know a few people don't like the idea of these posts, but I personally love having a gander at what gifts other people got - it gives me ideas for what to look for in the sales and gives me an excuse to add even more stuff to my ever growing beauty wish-list... So without further ado, here's what Santa bought to me this year. I won't show you every single chocolate orange and After Eight mint but I've tried to capture the main bulk of this year's loot...

Firstly, I must address the fact that this is the first Christmas in a good few years that I haven't asked for or received a lipstick. I know - *round of applause please*.  I decided to give the lipstick-lusting a rest this time around and actually popped a blush onto my wishlist instead.  Nars is without a doubt one of my favourite beauty brands, and ever since the MUA in Space NK used their 'Deep Throat' blush on me a few months ago, I've been dreaming about it's beautiful peachy-pink goodness sitting prettily in my makeup drawer.  My poor mother must have done a double-take when she read the name - how can somthing so beautiful have such a naughty name?! I also received the Stila 'In the Light' palette - definitely a good year or so late on the bandwagon with this one -  so much so that my mum really struggled to get hold of it and had to specially order it in from London for me.  I resisted this palette so well last year but I decided I really wanted it in my collection after having a mooch around on the interwebs and stumbling upon it's shimmery glory! Ooosh! 

I also unwrapped the Origins Sensory Therapy 'Peace of Mind' balm - not exactly a beauty product but something I've been really wanting to try after my good friend Rachel (link) told me about it earlier in the year.  I didn't actually ask for this - so was really pleased to open it! It smells really minty and fresh and really does seem to have a calming influence on my senses. Also included in the 'beauty stash' this year is the Leighton Denny Crystal Finish Top Coat - it's meant to be really fast drying and my mum knows just how much I adore my Seche Vite - so she thought I could give this one a try.  I also got a small bottle of Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray from my lovely Gran.  This stuff is quite expensive so I'm glad she got me the travel sized one to try. I'm a big fan of huge, voluminious hair so I'm really excited to give this a whirl after reading so much about it over the course of the year!

Relaxation/Well Being:
This year, I've really gotten into my spa and relaxation products.  I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks so taking time out sometimes is really important to me and I've really been trying to set aside time to de-stress and relax.  My family bought me the Sanctuary Spa 'Relax' Fragrance Diffuser to pop in my bedroom - I love Sanctuary products and was looking at these earlier in the year - it's a really big diffuser so it will last me ages! My parents also got me a gift voucher for a spa/salon near to where I live.  I've been going for massages and treatments there the past 6 months and have found it really makes such a big difference to my mind-set.  I'd been on about having one after my deadlines in January so this £30.00 voucher will buy me a lovely Indian Head Massage and can be put towards a 'Full-Back' at some stage! Look at me - already planning my treatments...  I also bought the Elemis Quiet Mind Room Mist in the Feel Unique sale with some of my Christmas money I received, but I thought I'd pop this in there.  I have the same scent in the Bath Elixir and it really reminds me of being at the spa and I always feel super relaxed when I use it.  I've been spraying it onto my pillows before bed and it really seems to help me to feel more relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep.

Christmas time is perfume time! I only asked for one this year, and I opted for my favourite signature scent - Hugo Boss 'Orange'.  It's been my go-to scent for about 3 years now and I always have a bottle for Christmas and birthdays because I get through it so, so quickly. Honestly, I drown myself in the stuff!  My colleague at my old place of work actually got me a bottle a few years ago and I've loved it ever since - it wouldn't have been a fragrance I'd have thought to try for myself so I'm so grateful to her that she introduced me to it.  4 years later and it's still going strong as my favourite ever perfume!

What's Christmas without a few random additions?! My parents bought me the Pandora Hedgehog charm to add to my bracelet.  Every single charm on there means something to me and this one represents some personal successes at University in my second year.  I won't ramble on about it but it has something to do with a children's book I created and one of it's characters!  I also received 'The Art of Disney Pixar' - a gift from a very dear friend at Uni. I'm a bit of an illustration geek and love storyboarding and sketches so I've thoroughly enjoyed pouring through this little beauty!  My nan got me an 'Adopt an Elephant' gift pack - I was over the moon with this.  I adore elephants and have done since I was little - so getting a gift like this really is perfect for me and I cannot wait to sign up and adopt my own little nellie! I also got a lovely Moroccan lantern off the bestie - not to everybodys taste but if you follow me on Pinterest - you might know that I have a bit of an obsession with lanterns, candles and anything that creates some form of atmospheric light!  She also got me 'Dirty Dancing 2' which I was completely over the moon about! I LOVE this film so much - it's set in Cuba and is such a feel good film with a dose of romance - just what you need for these cold winter evenings!  My parents also slipped me in a Bird Shaped Pen from Topshop - OF COURSE!! (In case it isn't already glaringly obvious - I love anything bird related!) and I also got some snow-themed Jelly Beans - because you can't beat a tub of jelly beans.

Pug-Related Goodness:
As well as elephants and birds, I've also developed a love for pugs over the past couple of years.  Yes, they've become somewhat of a 'fashionable dog' to own and have definitely been propelled into the canine limelight just recently (canine limelight? I don't know either...let's move on...) but I've always adored them.  I got a little selection of pug-related goodies this year - one being this lovely mini-makeup bag from Next.  It's perfect for on the go as it fits in my handbag without weighing it down. There's enough room for a couple of lipsticks, eyeliners and a concealer in there. I must look like a woman obsessed as my main makeup bag is pug related too! Oops!  I also got the stack of post-it notes complete with pug design.  I'm the most forgetful person you will ever meet and I always have post-it notes pinned in peculiar places around the house so this will come in very handy, especially in my final year of uni! The Pug Mugs book was a little joke addition from my Mum - cheers mothergoose!

Cosy Bits:
What's Christmas without some cosy bits and bobs?!  I spotted these tartan slipper boots in Dorothy Perkins the week before Christmas when shopping with my mum and was gutted they didn't have my size.  I was so excited to unwrap them on Chrismtas day - she'd gone out and hunted my size down for me! Yay! They're so soft and cosy and have that lovely 'bouncy' feel that all new slippers have.  My gran popped me in some Cosy Socks from Primark - I adore these fluffy socks and wear them all the time with my fleecy pyjama bottoms to keep warm (wow - attractive?;)).  My mum found me the fluffy white snood scarf to wear with my winter coats and jackets - it's from New Look and is so snuggly and soft!

Techy Stuff:
I've been needed a new digital camera for a while now! My old one still works but seems to be a little funny at turning on and off smoothly. I take my little digital 'point and shoot' camera on holiday with me so it's important to me to have one that won't clap out on me because I want to preserve my memories!  My parents were so lovely to get me this white glossy one from Nikon.  It's a Coolpix S6500 and I'd really recommend it if you're after a new digital camera! It takes really clear photographs, is lightweight and the zoom is really fantastic.  I won't be using it for blogging as I use my big ol' beast for that - but for travelling and everyday use - this little Nikon is my new baby!  

Ok - this is cheating a little bit as I didn't actually get these for Christmas.  But I used some of my Christmas money to get them with so I thought I'd include them!  I've been wanting one of the infamous Primark Tartan Dresses for ages but missed the boat with my Primark - sadly! It's been annoying me for ages so I gave in and took to eBay.  I must be daft because I ended up paying waaay more than what I would have paid in store but I wanted one so much. I'm glad I did though - it looks stunning on and fits like a dream!  It's worth having a shop around as you can find them for around £18 if you're lucky (they were £15-£17 in store I believe). I'm so glad I ordered it and it arrived super quickly even though I ordered over the Christmas period. If you want to know about the seller - let me know! Just be prepared to pay a little more than you bargained for...  I also picked up this gorgeous floral cord pinafore in the Asos sale.  It's not everyones cup of tea but I really do love it - it looks lovely with a little white jumper or t-shirt underneath.  You can still grab them here for £21.00 but they're going fast and there's only a couple of sizes left now!

And there we have it - this year's Christmas loot wrapped up in one post! Of course, it goes without saying I'm so grateful to my family and friends this year as they've spoilt me rotten - I'm so excited to really delve in and start using everything!  I also got a graphics tablet from my parents as a bit of a joint 'Merry Christmas and well done for your progess at uni' jobby - a little bit of a geeky present there but I'm so excited to start using it! I finish this year so it's handy to add another string to my creative bow! I also completed my Toy Story collection with 'Toy Story 3' (standard...) and lots of yummy chocolates.  I also got a couple of children's books - if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that the ultimate dream is to illustrate children's books one day - I spend ages looking at the illustrations and analysing the techniques used - ooof - unfollowed me yet? ;)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break! If you've done a similar post - leave a link below and I'll hop on over and have a nosey at what you got for Christmas!

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