Christmas at LUSH | 'Snow Fairy' & 'Hot Toddy'

When it comes to Christmas pampering, LUSH is my first port of call.  It's my annual tradition every Christmas Eve to watch Love Actually, wrap the last of my presents and have a bath full of festive lotions and potions before getting into bed with a mug of festive tea and brand new christmas-themed pyjamas.  You may have seen my previous LUSH post this week all about their 'Yog Nog' soap which has fast become one of my new obsessions (post here), but I tottled back into the store the other day to see what other festive-themed goodies they had to offer - how could I resist? A girl can never have too many bath-time treats, right?! I walked out with my trusty old favourite, 'Snow Fairy' (which in all honesty was an impulse buy at the till) and a bottle of the rather christmas-y looking 'Hot Toddy' - this isn't one I've tried before but I was sold on description alone.   Even though they're shower gels, I sometimes use them under the tap as a bubble bath so for me, they're much more versatile than a one-use bath bomb and I'm able to enjoy them for the entire lead up to Christmas.

Lush // Snow Fairy Shower Gel // £3.75 for 100g // Link
An old favourite of mine, 'Snow Fairy' has to be my festive guilty pleasure.  I went absolutely crazy for it in my teenage years and found myself slightly addicted to the super-sweet, girly scent.  In all honesty, I haven't gone mad for it the past couple of years as I've favoured slightly spicier scents, but I decided I'd treat myself to a bottle on a bit of a whim.  I took one sniff and remembered why I used to love it so much. Even though it's quite a young scent, it's the perfect girly treat.  I wouldn't say it's actually very festive, however, since it's a product they release as a limited edition every year I can't help but associate it with Christmas!  It's definitely not for you if you don't like sweet scents as it can be quite sickly - it's like candy floss, pear drops and vanilla all rolled into one big bottle of sweetness but it's so unique. I adore it. The scent lingers on the skin long after you've gotten out of the bath and the iridescent, pearly pink colour is just the perfect finishing touch - Snow Fairy really does live up to its name.  They've added more skin softening ingredients this year so it's bound to be a winner.   Loved by many, there's a reason why they bring this back every year...

Lush // Hot Toddy Shower Gel // £3.95 for 100g // Link
It was the gorgeous deep red colour swirled with golden glitter flecks that sold me on this one.  With cinnamon, ginger, lemon oil and skin softening seaweed, this festive concoction is warming and spicy and looks the part too.  It's definitely more of a traditional fragrance (as opposed to Snow Fairy's quirky signature scent) and is a good option for cosy nights in - i find it really calming and it would be a fab one to use if you're feeling a bit under the weather. It definitely does knock your socks off slightly!  It fills your bathroom with a beautiful, festive aroma and instantly puts you in the Christmas spirit. It's such a gorgeous, wintery product and if you're after something that really does smell like Christmas in a bottle, I really recommend picking this up!

What are you favourite Christmas LUSH products?


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