Christmas at LUSH | 'Yog Nog' Festive Soap

If you ever need an excuse to pop into LUSH, it's the moment they release their festive range.  It's my favourite time of year for treating myself to bath goodies and I always find myself wandering in to my local store much more frequently as soon as the dark nights and chilly weather starts rolling in.  I love to stock up on a few pamper treats and I always pick my favourite selection for an extra-special bath on Christmas Eve's my annual routine. Usually, I'll make a beeline straight for the Snow Fairy shower gel (who doesn't?), but this year - well - I seem to have gotten a little daring in my old age.  I have to say I'm not usually one for the soap selection. I tried 'Rockstar' once and although I liked it, I just didn't find myself going crazy over it - but I took one sniff of 'Yog Nog' and knew I had to try it.  I'm a sucker for anything sweet or vanilla scented and the moment I caught a whiff of the creamy, creme-brulee like scent (with a hint of christmas-y spice), I was sold. 

Said to be a 'creamy Christmas tipple of a soap' and a 'creamy skin drink', this stuff is seriously divine.  As soon as you pick it up it begins to melt in your hands (it contains moisturising soya yoghurt as well as ylang ylang essential oils) - its beautifully soft.  It's topped with a dusting of aromatic cocoa powder just to add an extra little dose of sweetness, and due to the essential oils it contains, it has a lovely little hint of cinnamon-like spice in there too.  Personally, the scent reminds me of creme brûlée - it's very milky and seriously smells good enough to eat.

When used in the bath it melts into a lovely, milky consistency - its really easy to get a good bit of product onto the skin and it feels really moisturising to massage in.  It's soft to the touch, lathers into a thick cream and leaves your skin feeling soothed and pampered.  The fragrance leaves your bathroom smelling all sweet and yummy and I always feel so relaxed after I've used it - the scent actually fills my landing and drifts into my bedroom long after I've gotten out of the bath.  It does linger on the skin slightly afterwards - you're left with a very subtle hint of sweetness but I secretly wished it would stick around a little longer - i guess that's just my personal preference!  Overall, a fab LUSH product and if you love sweet scents, you'll love this one.  I really wish they'd bring out a shower gel version too! You find 'Yog Nog' on the LUSH website here, priced at £3.40 per 100g.

Have you tried Yog Nog? What's your favourite festive LUSH product this year?

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